tirsdag, august 15, 2006

Spotlight of the week: Ken Kennedy

Kaiza just recently started to like this wrestler.

Some quick information:
He was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, March 6th 1976. His favourite wrestler is Stone Cold Steve Austin which he also named his dog after..
His real name is Ken Anderson and he wrestled under that name when he first debuted in WWE August 13th 2005 at Velocity.
He was trained by Eric Hammers and Mike Krause.
He has wrestled in a lot of companies like All-Star Championship Wrestling, Mid American Wrestling, NWA Midwest, UPCW and Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling.

Ten reasons to like Mr Kennedy
10: He's been training martial arts
9. He has attitude
8. He takes his mother with him on tour (I think that's kinda cute)
7. He's got good looks ^_~
6. Has still left to become wwe champion. Something to look forward to that means.
5. He's good on the mic. Even got an award for it.
4. He's got an awesome finisher
3. He does his own ring introduction
2. He makes Smackdown! worth watching again
1. He's a hell of a good wrestler